Salon & Spa and Fitness Center

Papillon Salon & Spa

Our onsite Papillon Spa will pamper your body and spirit with services like manicure/pedicure or that perfect hairdo or color you have been wanting to try. A facial can help address a multitude of skin conditions and lessen the appearance of wrinkles and age spots while providing muchneeded hydration.



Relaxing Massage

Then pamper yourself with a relaxing and soothing massage that can help stimulate circulation, ease stiff joints, release endorphins and reduce stress that will improve any day!
Whether your regular appointment or as a special gift for a family member or friend, time spent enjoying personal pampering at the Platinum Salon & Spa will invigorate the body, mind and soul.



Centre Fitness

Wellness (strength, balance and circulatory health)

Health and wellness is at the heart of creating and maintaining life quality and longevity and that is why Chateau at Heritage Square offers a fitness center and wellness programs in every community. Our wellness center is fitted with state of the art equipment that not only supports a healthy heart and circulatory system but increases strength, flexibility, and balance that can help prevent injuries and falls.



Nutrition-The Fuel of Life

Achieving good health and wellness at any age is much more than going to the fitness center or taking a class. Holistic wellness starts with what you eat every day. Delicious and well-planned nutrition is the fuel that can improve the quality and longevity of life.

At Madeleine, the selection of menus is more than ingredients and proportions, our chefs are trained to appreciate the preferences and true nutritional needs that will keep our community residents healthy and satisfied.


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