Lifestyle Activities

At Chateau at Heritage Square we are NOT here to tell our community members what to do, we are here to offer lifestyle enhancement options that complement personal pursuits and passions. At the same time, why not try something new today? At Chateau at Heritage Square, our activities team is always exploring new and interesting activities and programs, trips and events that can make every day the day you look forward to.

In addition to organized events, our Chateau at Heritage Square community members are also welcome to create their own special groups and events that explore their passions or causes of purpose with others who also enjoy the same interests.

Lifestyle Activities and Entertainment Programs

  • Active schedule of programs designed for (and by) seniors
  • Arts, education, health, hobby and entertainment programs
  • Collaborations with The College at Brockport include:
    • “Chateau at Heritage Square Life Long Learning” lecture series presented by Brockport College professors along with regional and national thought leaders
    • “Morning with the Professors” programs
    • Audit classes at The College at Brockport
    • Participate with Brockport College students’ research studies on subjects that can assist the senior population with improved quality of life
    • Intergenerational interaction with students, academic staff and researchers
  • Collaborations with the regional arts community to enjoy and promote visual, performing and culinary arts in our region
  • Day trips to regional points of interest that seniors enjoy. Even mystery trips that add a bit of unexpected fun to your day that you can enjoy with friends
  • Special interest group meetings and events may be developed by community members to promote discussions on subjects of common interest such as hobbies, book clubs or social causes
  • In-house library for your reading pleasure
  • Many events are open to the community, family and friends so that Chateau at Heritage Square community members can enjoy time with old (and new) friends
  • Indoor Wii bowling and Gold Leagues create a lot of laughs and light competition among community members (and sometimes staff)
  • Friday Happy Hour with entertainment

Also, be sure to check out our Events Page for additional programs

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