Lifelong Learning

Everyone knows that exercise helps the body grow to be strong and healthy, but the mind also needs to be exercised to be equally strong and healthy. At Chateau at Heritage Square, lifelong learning provides the foundation of the lifestyle we support for our community members every day. Our collaborations with the region’s arts, education and historical organizations offer a wide variety of lectures, interactive discussions, events, performances and formal educational programs for our community members and often their guests.



Brockport College Intergenerational Educational Collaboration

Long before ground was broken to build the Chateau at Heritage Square community, work was underway to find the best ways to take advantage of incredible resources of our neighbors at the College at Brockport who met us with open arms. In developing the collaboration with the College at Brockport we knew that education is more than just learning facts and skills; education is also the stimulation of the mind that occurs when people interact on common ideas and concepts with a variety of views, lifestyles and generations that together enrich the quality of learning.




Programs with The College at Brockport

  • Lifelong Learning Community Lecture Series" sponsored by Chateau at Heritage Square and presented by Brockport College professors along with regional and national thought leaders
  • Morning with the Professors” program
  • Participate with Brockport students’ research studies on subjects that can assist the senior population with improved quality of life
  • Intergenerational interaction with students, academic staff and researchers
  • Audit classes at The College at Brockport

Also, be sure to check out our Events Page for additonal programs

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